SFVision™ Console

SFVision Console

Puts all critical sales data up front with easy access to SFVision Opportunity Pipeline, Calendar & Chatter Feeds.

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SFVision™ Console

SFVision OrgView

Displays all contacts in an account, laid out in an organizational view.

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SFVision™ Console

Contacts & Calendar

Easily creates leads, contacts and calendar entries and synchronizes data with iPad’s Contacts and Calendar.

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SFVision™ Console

Chatter Everywhere

Allows comments on specific account activities, opportunities, leads or just share current status.

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The SFVision Console

Pulls together for easy access all the critical sales data including
the SFVision Opportunity Pipeline, your Calendar and current Chatter feeds.

With just a few touches you can Interactively manage your opportunities stage progress and close dates. Move quickly to your recent records, manage your task and events without having to swipe through multiple pages. SFVision Console is your sales command center.

SFVision OrgView

Makes managing and targeted account planning simple and intuitive.
See all contacts of an account, laid out in an organizational view.

Use simple “Drag and Drop” to setup or correct “Reports to” alignment. Set strategic indicators for any contacts in the OrgView for contact roles, sentiments and decision making abilities with a simple “Touch and Set” interface.

Contacts & Calendar

SFVision simplifies the process of adding new leads or contacts without lots of typing.
At any time you can copy your Salesforce calendar to an SFVision calendar on your iPad.

Lead and contact information can be pulled from the iPad address book or scanned from a QR code if present, with the iPad camera. vCards emailed or “Bump” type credentials are added via your address book. Any lead or contact in Salesforce can be quickly copied to the iPad address book.

Chatter Everywhere

Because you use Chatter in your enterprise to keep the company informed,
SFVision put the ability to Chatter Post and comment no matter where you are in the app.

The context sensitive Chatter icon on the main menu bar will ask if your post is general or specific to the record current on the main screen. Chatter balloons on key records will alway post regarding that record.

What we’re Working on

iPhone & Android

SFVision on your favorite mobile platform

Native Salesforce App

SFVision running inside your Salesforce on AppExchange and Salesforce 1

Advanced Sales Analytics

Full opportunity intelligence so you can better manage the sales process

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What our users are saying

If you have to use Salesforce then you have to get SFVision now

John Fisher

SFVision is changing the way Sales People work

John Giannuzzi

Best solution for sales reps in the field to manage their accounts, no more messy data entry. This is the future for sales reps to be effective and get data into salesforce.

Daniel Lynton daniel@lyntonweb.com

Who is SFVision?

SFVision is a team of talented and energetic Salesforce, mobile, and big data analytics developers, serial startup entrepreneurs and expert User Experience designers.
We use our design creativity to bring the features you want to reality keeping user experience at the top of our requirements.

  • We use the tools we create
  • We listen to you to know what you want to see
  • We are bringing more time saving technology to a CRM near you
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