Extreme Salesforce Simplicity

Extreme Salesforce Simplicity in the Mobile Era: How to beat sales productivity

Salesforce’s Cloud has proven to be a great model for mobile corporate CRM. As many of us know, it was developed as a solution for the sales professional who was not inside the corporate firewall. Prior to Salesforce, you had to access your client data by establishing a VPN, logging into the corporate net then accessing your internal CRM. During those early days of CRM, most sales people kept a local copy of their personal records (on Outlook, Excel, ACT, etc.) and only updated corporate when inside.

While Salesforce, at the beginning, was not the best solution as far as features, it satisfied enough of the key headaches sales professionals face. This allowed the company to flourish and accelerate early adoption with a critical mass of sales people.

Fast-forward 14 years after the creation of and we find ourselves in a challenging situation for the sales professional using this CRM system.

Salesforce, the system that had the sales rep as the main target user, soon became viewed as a management tool for opportunity tracking and forecasting, and of course, sales rep monitoring. For lack of a better term, let’s call this The Big Brother CRM evolution.

The added Big Brother information requirements impose hours of daily data entry and endless screen navigations onto the mobile sales professional. Because of this – in the opinion of sales pros – sales services are more time consuming and less useful. In addition, all approaches to “resolve” these challenges have been technology-driven instead of a sales-driven. This includes Salesforce’s Touch which provides a slicker interface than the desktop web interface (based on HTML 5 for multi-platform support) and a Chatter feed up front. Touch and other solutions might be OK for some corporate users, especially management, but these are not really what the mobile sales user needs.

The key issues they have to deal in a daily basis are:

Cogent view of targets and goals for Opportunities
Simpler method of managing the sales process within the target accounts
Easily identify errors in account data and fix
Better ability to target plan
Communicate better within the company for goals and needs
These are exactly the challenges that the SFVision 2.0 solves for mobile sales professionals, it gives them the opportunity to fully leverage Salesforce, the best sales repository in the CRM industry. It does it by providing solid sales functionality on a lightweight, native iOS mobile app that makes the app easy to use and super fast.

Download the new free or full version of SFVsion 2.0 and just experience a new mobile era of extreme Salesforce simplicity.